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If anybody comes across a played called ‘Chilled’ with the ‘It’s a secret’ kinda eyes then please be warned he is a scammer.

I was just in Camryn’s town along with ‘Chilled’ and he was asking her to buy her Silver Slingshot. He claimed he would pay 400k but he had left it in his town so he said he would take the Silver Slingshot and then go back to his town, collect the bells and bring them back to Camryn’s town. Me and Camryn got suspicious and asked if he could just go collect the bells then come back and then they would do the trade there and then but he said no, the whole point was that she had to trust him not to scam her.

He then got very mad at me for accusing him of a scammer and was calling me rude names and telling me to ‘stfu’ and saying I was a ‘bitch’. Camryn was getting upset and asking him to do it her way or not at all and he then got even madder and went around her town on his own.

I had been looking around the town before and had noticed a lot of gems outside Camryn’s house, but a few minutes after Chilled had started wandering around, I noticed that many of the gems had disappeared and asked Camryn how many gems were there before. She said there was lots more and by this time Chilled had run to the station and was attempting to leave with most of the gems. Luckily before he got the chance to get away, Camryn switched off the WiFi so we were disconnected so he never got the gems.

Unfortunately I didn’t remember to take a picture of Chilled but he did have lilac hair at the time, but that could change.

So everyone, do not trust him and people like this! They are filthy scammers!

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    Chilled is just one of four files in a town called PokeTown. The file names are as follows: danella Chilled Codie Candi...
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    I think I might have gotten scammed not by this person though. I met someone on ACC ill get there username later if its...
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